Saying Goodbye to Your Dog: 5 Signs That Your Dog is Dying

Signs That Your Dog is Dying

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Losing a dog is one of the most painful feelings for dog lovers. Unlike humans, the life span of dogs is shorter.

They can only live for less than 20 years, and it may vary according to breed.

Dog owners already know that this heart-breaking moment would happen one day.

However, it’s even more painful losing your dog sooner than you expected caused by an illness or accident.

A dog’s death because of an accident is hard since you are unable to say goodbye.

When your dog is suffering from a severe illness or of old age, there is also a higher chance of losing him soon. Thus, it’s best to know when it’s time to have your official farewell.

How do you know that your dog is dying? Below are the signs that it’s time to say goodbye to your dog.

1. Loss of Appetite

When your dog is not feeling well, he eats lesser than his regular consumption.

He becomes picky on foods. It can be a symptom of gastrointestinal problems and some diseases.

If it’s severe, your dog would completely lose his appetite and would not eat any food or drinks at all.

However, if it happens for more than a day, it can be a sign that he is dying.

2. Extreme Lethargy

Being lethargic is common to dogs who have an illness. It means that your dog is already too weak to move.

Otherwise, if this behavior is unchanging after all the medications, it can be a sign that your dog is dying.

Your dog will unlikely acknowledge family members and lose interest in everyone around him.

He would just often lie around or in one spot. When this happens, comfort your dog as much as you can.

Provide him a comfortable place to stay, and talk to your dog, too.

3. Incontinence

Incontinence is natural in an aging dog. Incontinence is when a dog becomes weak and could no longer control its body.

Its internal organs might be shutting down, or its muscles stop functioning. It could also happen when your dog has health issues.

However, if the illness is not curable, incontinence is prolonged until its last days.

4. Slowed Respiration

Like humans, irregular breathing patterns occur when a dog is dying.

He will also experience difficulty in breathing. It could be slow or fast- usually has long gaps between inhalation and exhalation.

It is painful to see your dog this way, so you need to contain your emotion.

Seeing you sad would also make your dog feel sad. Make his last day happy as much as you can.

5. Seeking Comfort

It’s a dogs’ instinct to know when his life is about to end. Thus, they tend to become clingier and asks for your comfort.

It can be the most heart-breaking part since it’s your last chance to show him your love.

It’s the most intimate moment to say goodbye to each other. During your dog’s last-minute, make him feel that he is loved and you are happy with the moments you spent together.

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