How to Get Rid of Dog Bad Breath

how to get rid of dog bad breath

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Bad breath among dogs is not uncommon as you might think.

Your furry best friend’s breath is not really the freshest scent you wish to smell, but an offensive bad breath can be caused by a number of reasons.

Not brushing your dog’s teeth can be one. An oral disease that you don’t know anything about can be another.

So how exactly do you get rid of dog bad breath?

Practice proper oral hygiene in dogs

The simplest and easiest way to get rid of bad breath in dogs is to brush their teeth on a regular basis.

By regular you have to do it twice or thrice every week. If you’re not up to brushing your dog’s teeth, a professional groomer can do it for you.

Give your dog enough chew toys

Aside from helping your dog stay out of boredom, chew toys are actually beneficial in keeping your dog’s dental health.

Chew toys keep your dog’s teeth healthy by preventing tartar and plaque build-up, which are two major causes of bacterial build-up that in turn makes your dog’s breath bad.

Just make sure that you choose an appropriate chew toy for your dog that fits his age and size.

Teeth treat for fresh breath is a ‘yes’

You can get your dogs some special dental treats to make their breaths fresher.

Change your dog’s diet

Sometimes, a bad diet can cause bad breath in dogs.

If your dog suffers from indigestion, their breath is more likely to smell than when they have optimum gut health.

To remedy this, give your dog ginger tea (minus the ginger, of course) or plain unsweetened yogurt.

Both will do the trick to keep indigestion at bay and help keep your dog’s breath better.

Use natural breath fresheners

If you don’t want over-the-counter breath fresheners for your dogs, you can always go natural.

Sprinkle some dill or a chop or two of fresh parsley. Both have antibacterial properties and act as natural breath fresheners not only for dogs but even for us humans, too.

Don’t let them eat garbage – or poop

Dogs tend to be gross, at times, and their gross habits sometimes translate to bad breath.

Your dog can chew anything from shoes, socks, furniture, toys, or garbage.

Worse, dogs have a tendency to eat poop and you know what that would mean for their breath.

It sounds really gross and it would make you nauseous at times, but if you want your dog to keep his or her breath at least passable enough when they give you a lick, keep them away from garbage or anything unhygienic and smelly that they can get their noses and mouth on.

Bad breath among dogs – especially yours – is not always a bad thing.

But it can be a sign of an underlying health problem in your dog. If you’ve done everything and still nothing seems to work out, it would be best to give your vet a visit.

Periodontal diseases or any other health problems might be causing the bad breath in your dog and it’s best to ask for professional help before it worsens.