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How to Stop A Dog From Begging

How to Stop A Dog From Begging

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Nobody wants their dog staring at them all the time while they are eating – especially when you have guests around.

The best way to avoid this is to plan ahead so that both you and your guests can enjoy a stare-free meal!

How To Stop A Dog From Begging Is Easy!

Let’s have a look at 8 effective ways to stop a dog from begging – some are easier than others – and some are longer lasting.

The idea behind trying to avoid begging is to never talk to or give any food to the dogs whilst they are staring – or just after they have been staring. Even food they don’t like.

They just link it all together into thinking that hanging out near you will (nearly) always result in free food!

Stop Your Dog Seeing You Eat

If you choose to not eat anything in the same room as your dog – it can’t beg.

Perhaps using a baby gate at the diner door can help, so they can still see you but you can eat facing away – in peace.

Only Eat At Full Height Tables

If you can’t shut the dog out of the diner – then make sure you are up at a table or breakfast bar so there is no jumping or pawing at the food. No eye contact this way either.

Move Your Dog Away From The Food

Rather than have your dog watching you from anywhere near or far – have your dog sit in another room while you are eating.

Make sure they are entertained the whole time with tasty treats of their own otherwise they may call to you to be let out.

Attract The Dog Elsewhere While You Are Eating

If you are already eating and your dog creeps up on you part way through, always have something tasty or noisy close at hand.

When they approach the table throw this item to the other side of the room so it makes a noise and attracts them away.

Ignore Your Dog While Eating

This one is the hardest, but if you want to eat on your lap watching TV – you just need to persevere.

Don’t tell them off or talk to them about their bad habit of staring – as they will take this all as positive.

Total blank on the conversation – and certainly no “Oh, ok. Just a tiny bit seeing as you have been so good…”

Trick The Dog Into Going Away

Having a toy or fake doorbell set up to go off on your command makes the dog think something else is more important.

If they react to anything at all (even a pre-recorded voice sample in another room calling their name) – have this go off as they are approaching the table as a big distraction.

Distract The Dog With Another Human

Easy one – have your dog play with another human while you eat?

Train The Dog To Do Something Else

Using positive reinforcement techniques (real easy to learn) – you could have your dog trained to lay on a blue rug in the hall while you eat. Just with a simple command. No more begging.