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How to Train Your Dog to Greet Visitors

How to Train Your Dog to Greet Visitors

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A lot of dogs are like children in that they act out in ways that might be cute when no one else is looking but are quite chaotic when guests come by.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to train your dog to greet visitors with a wave or a return wag of the tail, instead of jumping up and barking all over them.

We’ll also discuss why it’s important for you to teach your dog this skill now, during training while it’s still young and easily shaped with positive reinforcement.

How do I get my dog to behave when guests visit?

Here are four simple steps to get your dog to greet someone like a gentleman or a lady:

Catch her doing something good

This is the first and most important step. If your dog is already being calm in the presence of visitors, then you don’t have to worry about this step at all.

If not, then we’ll need to do some work in order to change her behavior first before we move on to Step 2.

Use a leash and collar

This might seem like an obvious point but it’s actually quite important as it helps us to maintain our dog’s focus on us when people visit.

In other words, if we just let our dog run free and only use verbal commands to call her back when she gets excited or starts to jump up, then she’ll also be too distracted by the guests to pay any attention to what we’re saying.

Distract her with treats

Okay, so our dog hasn’t been annoying anyone so far but she might still be anxious about being visited by strangers. So let’s start by distracting her with treats or a toy.

When we do this, we want to follow the same steps as we did when we caught her doing something good in the first place: using a leash and collar as well as using positive reinforcement to solidify the behavior.

Add verbal commands

Now that we’ve gotten our dog used to being around visitors, we can start teaching her to do something completely different: wave her tail, or bark on command!

In order to do this, we’ll need to pair each command with a treat or a toy as well as the following: use a leash and collar along with positive reinforcement.

This is a simple process and once we’ve done it for each command, our dog will be able to tell the difference between being calm or excited and will only be calm when guests visit.

Teaching your dog to behave when visitors show up isn’t as difficult as you might think. So as long as you put in the effort, keep practicing, and staying consistent, then your dog should have this skill mastered in no time at all.

In Summary

When we want to teach our dog to be calm and well-behaved when visitors visit, we want him to stop acting out and get properly excited about seeing them.

To do this, we need to practice on the leash and collar while training our dog to respond to a set of verbal commands. This way, it will know what behavior to make when everyone comes by.

Use positive reinforcement and you’ll be training your dog to respond happily again in no time at all!