10 Easy Ways To Exercise Your Dog

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Dogs; known as man’s most faithful companion needs the same amount of health care as man does.

Dog health care does not only mean giving them the right amount of food and nutrients that they need but providing them with an ample amount of exercise as well.

There are a variety of workouts that a dog owner can choose from in order to provide their dogs with just the right kind and amount of exercise that they need.

Some may require manipulative materials while in some cases, the presence of the dog owner will do.

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Material Based Dog Exercises

Flirt Stick Exercise

Flirt Stick Exercise for dogs

Flirt Stick made up of stick with a rope attached to it tied with something at the end made of any safe material that entices the dog to run after it.

Considered a high impact exercise as it involves a lot of running and jumping, beginning with a few minutes a day will be just enough to give your buddy the amount of cardiovascular exercise for the day.

The level of intensity, as well as the progression, mainly depends on the dog owner who must take careful consideration of the dog’s capacity.

Tug of War

Tug-of-war as dog exercise

As plain as it is known, tug of war is a game that involves pulling and requires balance and leg muscle strength.

However, precautionary measures should be done before challenging your dogs especially if your little buddy is not yet in the stage of bite inhibition mastery as there is a danger of accidental biting.

The game can be done with materials specially designed for tug of war games with dogs widely available in the market and online.

It can also be done using improvised materials found at home like old clothes free from choking hazards.

Fetching Game

This game of interaction between the dog, the owner and the material may require some time for the dog to familiarize himself with the toy.

Once he is, the owner will hide the toy somewhere within the dog’s reach and command the dog to fetch and bring it back to the owner.

Although it may take some time for the game to flow smoothly, the fetching game is a good exercise for a dog’s legs as well as his agility and obedience.

Nose Work

Almost identical to fetching game, nose work is a game that exercises the olfactory sense your dog.

Instead of a toy, he is familiar with the dog is asked to find the treat hidden somewhere.

In this game, the dog needs to use his sense of smell to find the hidden treat which later becomes his reward for doing well.

No Materials Needed Games for Dogs

Leading dogs to exercise does not always need materials or tools. Here are a few tips.

Chasing Bubbles

Just like a regular kid, dogs love it when they see something flying in the air that they want to catch it before it touches the ground.

Dog owners can take advantage of that and turn it into a fun work out.


Dogs with arthritis issues and the like may take advantage of low impact exercises like swimming.

It helps build muscle mass without requiring much of your little buddies strength.

Walking and Jogging

Bringing your dog on a walk or jogging does not only help him develop leg strength, but it also allows him to release stress.

It also builds a rapport between you, your dog and the environment around him.

Exercise as one of the important ingredients of wellness to human is also a necessity for dogs. It only takes a little effort to get it done.