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  • Why Do Dogs Dig Holes and Lay in Them?

    Why Do Dogs Dig Holes and Lay in Them?

    Help! My dog digs holes and lay in them! There is nothing odd when you see your little pooch digging around. Almost all dog owners will agree that this is merely behavioral, and there is no reason to be worried, especially if your dog belongs to the Hound group like Dachshund, Beagle, Bloodhound, Whippet, Saluki, […] More

  • How to Get my Dog to Stop Barking at Night

    How to Get my Dog to Stop Barking at Night

    Help! My dog barks every night with no apparent reason! It’s late. Finally, after a lot of turning, and tossing — you’re ready to sleep. You thought that you would eventually get that good sleep you deserve, but out of nowhere, your dog starts to bark relentlessly. Worse, you see no apparent reason why he […] More

  • Keeping the Family Dog through the Hardest of Financial Times

    Keeping the Family Dog through the Hardest of Financial Times

    The government has imposed drastic social distancing measures to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus. This forced countless of small to large businesses to close their doors, causing millions of unemployed workers to be left behind. Many are struggling to pay their rent and utilities, food banks reporting an unprecedented increase in demand, and […] More

  • Insecure Dog Symptoms

    Insecure Dog Symptoms and How You Can Help

    Today you called your dog’s name and he didn’t respond. You started looking for him and noticed that he is hiding cowardly under the table. You tried to approach him, but he snarled at you. Another day, there was a severe thunderstorm, and he started barking uncontrollably. Emotional insecurity, fear, and lack of confidence in […] More

  • When is Heavy Panting Normal in Dogs?

    When is Heavy Panting Normal in Dogs?

    As we enter the summer season, we will notice our dogs panting more often than usual. Panting is their primary way to get rid of excess body heat (take it as their version of sweating). By doing so, it allows them to evaporate heat and moisture from their nose, lungs, throat, and exhaled through the […] More

  • Tips to Survive Working from Home with a Puppy

    10 Tips to Survive Working from Home with a Puppy

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are forced to work from home. This means more cuddling and playing with our dogs; however, this brand-new setup also has its fair share of challenges, especially if you need to maintain a noise-free environment.  Worry no more because, in this article, we will share with you […] More

  • can dogs smell cancer

    Can Dogs Smell Cancer?

    Domesticated dogs have been with humans for over 32,000 years. They have proven their loyalty and helpfulness in a variety of ways such as protecting our homes, law enforcement, search and rescue, and now even cancer detection. Yes, you’ve read it right; dogs can sniff out if their owners have cancer. Can dogs smell cancer? […] More

  • how to get a service dog for anxiety

    How to Get a Service Dog for Anxiety?

    Do you need a psychiatric service dog (PSD)? If you want to know how to get a service dog for anxiety, this article is for you! As psychiatric service dogs have been trained to make the life of their owners easier, it is really important that you take a closer look at the specifics and […] More

  • how to find the best dog insurance

    How to Find the Best Dog Insurance

    We are all familiar with the common phrase that “dogs are man’s best friend”. And it’s not just a simple saying, but a truth for many dog lovers. Dogs are special four-legged family members. Their playful and loyal nature surely brightens up our mood after spending a long and tiring day. However, no matter how […] More

  • Signs that your dog loves you

    7 Amazing Signs Your Dog Loves You

    Our dogs are our constant companion. We love them with all our hearts. But do you sometimes find yourself looking for signs your dog loves you too? There are the obvious signs your dog loves you. Jumping up and down when you walk in the door. Running towards you when you are out for a […] More

  • do dogs smile

    Do Dogs Smile?

    Do dogs smile? It’s amazing how often animals seem to mimic human behavior. Dogs can appear to mirror our behavior and even exhibit the same facial expressions and emotions that we display. So do dogs smile and laugh? Is my dog laughing? Animal behaviorists have long debated about whether dogs can laugh. Although not all […] More

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