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    Is It OK Not to Walk Your Dogs Every day?

    Because of the current situation where outdoor activities have been limited due to the pandemic, dog owners may ask: Is It OK not to walk your dogs every day? That’s totally OK. Sometimes it is impossible to take your dogs out daily. Your dog would still be healthy even if you take him for a […] More

  • stop a dog from barking

    How to Make Your Dog Stop Barking

    It is normal behavior for dogs to bark, but barking incessantly is a different story. It is considered a behavioral problem and is disruptive especially at night when you’re supposed to sleep. To make your dog stop barking, you can follow these 5 effective steps:   Step 1: Recognize the reason why your dog is barking […] More

  • How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Every Day

    How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Every Day?

    All dogs need exercise, but how much exercise does a dog need every day? Your amazing animal loves daily exercise as it makes them feel happy, improves their health, and helps them to live longer. Taking your dog for a walk doesn’t cost anything, so when thinking about how much exercise does a dog needs […] More

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    How to Train Your Puppy to Come When Called with His Name

    If you find yourself calling your puppy’s name over and over again but they still don’t come to you, then please don’t despair! Training a dog to come to you when you call them takes time and patience, but it can be taught. Being able to recall your pet is an important skill for you […] More

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    How To Calm An Anxious Dog

    Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from anxiety. We look to reduce stress and anxiety by undertaking positive activities and avoiding certain situations, and we can help reduce our pet’s anxiety by doing similar things. Subtle signs your dog is stressed As dogs cannot describe in words what is bothering them, they display other […] More

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    10 Easy Ways To Exercise Your Dog

    Dogs; known as man’s most faithful companion needs the same amount of health care as man does. Dog health care does not only mean giving them the right amount of food and nutrients that they need but providing them with an ample amount of exercise as well. There are a variety of workouts that a […] More

  • stop your dog from barking
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    7 Steps to Stop Your Dog From Barking at Everything!

    Barking is one of the ways dogs communicate and is perfectly normal canine behavior. However, when a dog barks too much or too often, difficult situations can develop; especially with your neighbors. To tackle problem barking, you must first figure out why your dog is barking so much in the first place. Once you’ve understood […] More

  • dog saves owner from snake

    Meet Todd: The Dog Who Saves It’s Owner From Snake

    You heard it right, a dog saves owner from snake. A golden retriever puppy has taken the world by storm by doing something unthinkably brave for his owner. When Paula Godwin took Todd in after he was put up for adoption on Craigslist, she would never have thought that this perfect pooch would become a […] More

  • A totally untrained dog helps fire men to combat fire

    How This Totally Untrained Dog Helped Save The Day!

    You would have heard about police dogs, or you may know that Dalmatians are considered as the dog of choice for firefighters, but the dog in this story, Rocky, is not a Dalmatian, and he is not a trained police dog. Rocky is a dog unlike any other. His owner dad; Leendert Foppen, is a […] More

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