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  • can dogs eat mint

    Can Dogs Eat Mint? Is It Really Safe For Dogs?

    Dog owners believe that giving your dog mint is good in getting rid of bad breath. But the question is, can dogs eat mint? Is it really safe for dogs? Mint is generally safe for dogs. Some dog foods and treats even contain mint because it is proven effective in getting rid of the dog’s […] More

  • How to make DIY Dog Training Mini Treats?

    How to Make DIY Dog Training Mini Treats?

    Dog treats are an essential part of positive reinforcement training. It helps your dog to understand that by doing good behaviors, he will be rewarded. Thus, increasing the likelihood of repeating that action until it turns to a habit. There are some problems with store-bought treats though. First, almost all are made for small dog […] More

  • home made gummy dog training treats recipe

    How to Make Homemade Tuna Gummy Dog Treats

    Are you looking for an easy to make dog treats recipes for your dog training? Then this recipe is the easiest and quickest you can make. You will only need to prepare THREE ingredients. Yes! Just three ingredients to make this super yummy dog treat. Another good news? All items are available in the supermarket. […] More

  • Easy Homemade Hypoallergenic Dog Treats Recipe

    Easy Homemade Hypoallergenic Dog Treats Recipe for Dogs with Allergies

    For today’s DIY dog treats recipe, we’re going to share another tutorial on making low-fat vegetarian dog treats. This 5-ingredient quick & easy recipe is also allergy-friendly, so it is safe for all dogs. All ingredients needed are most likely already available in your kitchen so let’s start cooking!  Tasty Hypoallergenic Dog Treats for Dogs […] More

  • Tasty Leftover Turkey Dog Treats Recipe

    Tasty Leftover Turkey Dog Treats Recipe

    Thinking of what to do with the leftover turkey dinner? Why not turn it into homemade turkey dog treats so that your pooch will enjoy the Thanksgiving spirit too? This delicious and easy recipe can also be enjoyed by dogs with food allergies as long as you’re going to use gluten-free ingredients. That being said, […] More

  • Crunchy Homemade Carrot Dog Biscuits

    How To Make Crunchy Homemade Vegetarian Carrot Dog Biscuits

    In this article, we’re going to share with you how to make a homemade vegetarian dog treat. This recipe is a breath of fresh air from your usual meat-flavored treats, but that doesn’t mean that your dog will not like it. Like humans, dogs are omnivores. It means they both eat from plant and animal […] More

  • why do dogs eat grass

    Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass

    My dog eats grass. Is that normal? Now, that’s a good question. Dogs are smart creatures. But even as smart as they are, your canine friend tends to do funny and unusual things that you cannot explain sometimes. Stopping while you walk them to eat grass is one of them. My dog is eating grass: […] More

  • wet dog food

    5 Things You May Not Know About Wet Dog Food

    Just like humans, the food that dogs consume effects their health and well-being. We all want the best for our dogs, so its important to research and understand the nutritional advantages and disadvantages of feeding dogs wet pet food. 1. Wet Dog Food is Not Bad for Teeth and Gums Dry dog food, sometimes known […] More

  • obesity in dogs

    How to Effectively Manage Obesity in Dogs

    Obesity is the most common preventable disease among dogs in North America and the UK. Almost half of all dogs in these countries are considered clinically overweight. It’s up to us as responsible pet owners to put our dog’s health first and understand the issues and illnesses being overweight can cause them. What is obesity […] More