Are Rottweilers Good With Kids?

Are Rottweilers Good With Kids?

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If you have children, careful thought must be given in regards to the breed of dog that you introduce to your home.

Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding the rottweiler breed with some suggestions that they can be aggressive. Because of this, you may have concerns as to whether or not rottweilers are good with kids. 

Though they may be large, Rottweilers are generally good with children thus making them popular family dogs. They are good-natured and when given the correct training, they are obedient and thrive in the company of humans. 

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The History of the Rottweiler

First, it is important to gain an understanding of the rottweiler breed. Originating from Germany, Rottweilers are descendants of the Molossus, which is a mastiff type of dog. As a working breed, they were once used to drive cattle and herd livestock.

What is the temperament of a Rottweiler?

Well socialized Rottweilers will get on well with other dogs and humans. In regards to temperament, they are one of the best-natured breeds of dogs available. 


Rottweilers are known to be an extremely affectionate breed. Once they have formed a bond with their families they will be loyal and loving in return. They are also gentle cuddlers that enjoy sleeping close to those that they trust.

To ensure that they are as accepting of your children, you must make it clear to them that they are part of your family ‘pack’. Also, make sure that they are familiar with human interactions. 

Sensitive and comforting

Though they may appear tough, rottweilers can be very sensitive. Often, they will pick up on the emotions of those around them and if they sense that you are sad or downbeat, they will try to comfort you.


As incredibly smart dogs, rottweilers take to commands well if they are trained consistently. It is believed that they can learn new commands with very few repetitions needed.

Training your Rottweiler can also be a fun experience for your children and it will also help them to form a strong bond as they learn together. 


The playful nature of rottweilers makes them a great source of entertainment. Their sturdy build also means that they are able to handle rough children’s play.

If you are parents to children of a young age, you will understand the importance of this. For example, if your children happen to tug at your dog’s tail, they are less likely to cause them as much harm as they would with a smaller dog. 

Good guard dogs

You will generally find that Rottweilers are protective of their families and have guard dog instincts. They are vigilant and aware of your children and their well-being. If there is anything that they feel uneasy about, most will bark to alert you.

Although they are mainly calm, if they think that anyone in their family is being threatened, you will notice that they become much more protective.

It is worth noting that your rottweiler isn’t likely to display this protectiveness and dominance to any stranger that enters your home, but they are likely to if these strangers become threatening. 


As medium to high energy dogs, rottweilers require a lot of exercise, otherwise, they are prone to gaining weight quickly. This means that they can help to keep your children occupied as they burn off their energy together.

Ideally, they should be walked at least twice a day and they will also benefit from having plenty of toys as this will keep them stimulated. 

Why are rottweilers good with children?

Rottweilers have many favorable qualities which make them good with children. As their bond develops, you will soon notice that they become very tolerant and loving towards one another. 

Remember that it is very important to make sure that your rottweiler is put through all of the necessary obedience training and is also socialized from early on. Ideally, when introducing your rottweiler to your children, you do it slowly.

With young children, in particular, you will likely find that your rottweiler is a little cautious to begin with. You may choose to familiarize them with the scent of items that have been kept near your baby. 

Factors to look out for when introducing rottweilers to children

Although rottweilers generally tend to be good with kids, there are some factors that you will need to be aware of before introducing them. It is difficult to determine the temperament of your dog when they are young.

Male rottweilers in particular can be quite dominant, hence why it is paramount to make sure that they are properly trained.

Furthermore, the strength of rottweilers may be problematic for smaller children. As with many dogs, rottweilers may not always be able to tell how strong they are in comparison to a young kid. 

The age of your rottweiler is another factor that is going to influence how well they bond. If your rottweiler has grown up in the company of children since it was a puppy, it will be more confident in socializing with them.

You will also find that as your children age, they become more aware of their actions and how a dog should be handled.

If you introduce an older rottweiler to your home that is not very familiar with children, they may find it more difficult to cope with the attention from your children, especially those that are younger and not yet educated on how they should handle them.

Final Thoughts

As sociable dogs, rottweilers generally tend to be good with kids. You may find that your dog doesn’t seem to bond with them immediately and this may simply be because they need to have time to get used to them. When raised together, your rottweiler can become an excellent friend to your children.

Remember to dedicate plenty of time to train them properly. Doing so will ensure that they thrive when they are surrounded by human company. In most instances, rottweilers get along very well with children.