Can Dogs Burp?

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When it comes to excess wind, it is no secret that us humans burp… a lot. However, you may be wondering whether dogs can burp, and if they can, what this sounds like. If you have never owned a dog before, the thought of them burping may be quite humorous. 

However, if you already own a dog, you may already be all too familiar with how they get rid of their excess wind!

In this article, we will be chatting you through everything you need to know about dogs and burping. From what it sounds like, to when there could be any potential causes for concern.

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Can dogs burp?

Yes, dog’s certainly can burp. Just like us humans, if a dog has excess wind, it needs to exit their body in some way, and this is usually from either the mouth… or the rear end! 

Burping is something that is completely natural, and is typically nothing you need to worry about when it comes to your dog. While it is something that can be quite humorous if you have never heard before, it is a sign that your dog’s digestive system is working correctly. 

Why do dog’s burp?

As we have already discussed, burping is something that is completely normal and natural for dogs. It is their bodies way of naturally getting rid of any gas and excess air that is in their digestive system. 

The gas and air that is released from the digestive system comes from the upper tract, rather than the lower tract. The air is typically from the esophagus, or the stomach. 

The burping is as a result of the excess air, which typically enters the stomach when a dog is eating or drinking. The stomach and digestive tract can be quite uncomfortable if it does not expel this excess air.

This is why the body will then force air out of the dog’s stomach and through their mouth. It will provide instant relief, and the excess air will have then left the dog’s stomach. 

You are more likely to notice your dog burping after eating or drinking if they are also gulping in too much air. This is normal, even though it may sound slightly odd to hear.

What does a dog burp sound like?

A dog’s burp sounds very similar to what a human burp sounds like. However, they are not typically as loud. The noise of the burp is all dependent on how much air the dog has gulped.

If there is a highly excessive amount of air in the stomach, then the burp will be louder. If there is only a small amount, the burp probably will not be as loud. In addition to this, the pressure at which the burp is forced out is important to consider.

If there is not a lot of pressure behind the burp, it is not going to sound overly loud. However, if there is a lot of pressure behind the burp, it will sound significantly louder. 

You will also need to take into consideration the size of the dog. When you are comparing the burp of a chihuahua compared to a Bernese mountain dog, the chihuahuas burp is going to be a lot quieter. This is because it is very small in comparison to a giant breed.

As a result of this, a chihuahua is going to inhale far less air in comparison to a Bernese. However, the amount of air in the digestive system is relevant to the overall size of the dog. 

Typically, the bigger the dog is, the louder and more “human-like” the burp will be. When it comes to smaller dogs, their burps may not even be overly audible. 

When to take your dog to the vets?

While burping is something that is completely normal in a dog, there are times when you maybe should be slightly more concerned about it. Even though burping is natural, if your dog is burping excessively, it may have an issue with its digestive system. 

As a result, we would recommend popping your dog to the vets to be checked over as a precaution. While in the vast majority of cases there are no issues with a bog burping, excessive gas can be a result of gastritis or acid reflux.

If your dog does get diagnosed with either of these conditions, there is treatment provided to help with this. The treatment allows your dog to feel more comfortable after eating, and will help to reduce the amount of excessive gas in the upper digestive system, too.

In addition to this, burping is sometimes caused by gastrointestinal issues. There are a number of different causes of this, such as ingesting bad food, having a blockage, or your dog picking up a virus. 

You will be able to notice the difference in your dog’s health if they are suffering from this, as they will have other symptoms such as sickness, diarrhea, and lethargy too. It is always recommended paying a visit to the vet if you suspect this. 

Ways to help burping

In general, there is no real need to stop the burping. It is a natural occurrence, and is a good way for the god to get rid of any excess wind. However, if their burping is excessive, there are a few ways in which you can help your dog from ingesting too much air. 

We would recommend purchasing smaller water bowls, and anti-gulp bowls. This will slow your dog down when it is eating or drinking, which will help to prevent excessive burping. Slow feeders are another great option to use.


We hope you have found this article useful. As you can see, it is only natural for your dog to burp, and burping is something that you do not really need to be concerned about. 

However, if the burping is excessive, and you think there may be an underlying health condition, we would recommend chatting to the vet about this.