Can Dogs Eat Baked Beans?

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In this article, we’re going to be asking the question that has plagued philosophers since the beginning of time: can dogs eat baked beans?

Seriously though, we’re going to look at whether or not making your dog a quick baked bean snack will be good or bad for their health.

If you have ever found yourself in a rush and out of dog food, you might have turned to the human snacks that you have lying around in the cupboard.

Aside from the dry pasta and chocolate (which is lethal for dogs), something that is always knocking around in someone’s cupboards will be baked beans.

These handy canned goods keep for ages and you might be mistaken for thinking that because this slop looks like dog food that it can indeed be consumed by dogs.

However, before you go emptying your beans into the dog food bowl, you should read this article, as baked beans might not be so safe for your dog to consume.

In short, the answer to whether your dog should consume baked beans is: probably not. It is safe to consume this food in small quantities, but you should not give baked beans to your dog regularly.

This is because this meal is brimming with sugar and will certainly cause your dog some degree of discomfort in their digestion.

So how many baked beans should you feed your dog? If your dog has eaten baked beans by mistake, should you immediately take them to the hospital? Are baked beans actively harmful to your dog?

Can your dog consume tomato sauce? Is it possible for a dog to die from eating too many baked beans?

Well, if you want answers to all of these dog-related questions, then we would suggest that you keep reading. We have all the info on baked beans and dogs as well as whether the two are compatible or not.

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The Big Question: Can Dogs Eat Baked Beans?

In short, yes, they can, but you shouldn’t make a regular habit of it. If your dog has just gobbled up some baked beans from on the carpet, then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it. This does not contain any poisons that will immediately harm your dog.

However, beans have a very high sugar content that will really play havoc with your dog’s digestion. If you are feeding your dog lots of baked beans every day, then you can be sure that they will develop certain conditions such as diabetes and kidney problems.

A dog’s diet should largely comprise of proteins such as fresh chicken and long-chain carbs such as rice.

If you are feeding your dog very fatty foods such as baked beans, then you can expect them to put on weight very quickly, which will cause them all sorts of mobility issues.

But What About Heinz Beans?

Unfortunately, you won’t get around these health issues by simply switching the brand of baked beans that you give to your dog.

Heinz beans are still very high in sugar and tomato sauce, so you can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need to give your dog a one-way ticket to the vets.

These beans are choc full of preservatives and artificial flavorings, so they will not exactly contain all the nutrients that your dog can get in the wild. It is always best to feed your dog fresh meat and vegetables, as this is the diet that they would most closely get in the wild.

What Beans Can Dogs Eat?

There are plenty of healthy whole beans out there that you can feed to your dog.

Pinto and cannellini beans are rich in fiber and can actually help with your dog’s digestive system. The only difference between these and baked beans is the amount of sugar that the company puts into baked goods to keep them fresh.

Feeding your dog green beans, black beans and kidney beans in addition to some fresh chicken and rice will be the perfect dish for your animal.

This will not only give plenty of energy, but it will help build up muscle tone and keep your dog energized and free from disease for a lot longer.

How About Tomato Sauce?

Again, this food will not necessarily harm your dog, but it is full of spice extract and sugars that can certainly impact the health of your dog after a long period.

We would recommend adding this to any foods in your dog’s diet, as it might not take to the flavor.

Just because a human likes a certain food, that doesn’t mean that you should feed it to your dog. Make sure that your dog gets a balanced diet, as this will guarantee your dog great health and a wonderful diet.

Can Baked Beans Harm Your Dog?

Baked beans will not harm your dog in the short term, but if you do continue to ply your dog with high sugar foods, then you can expect their health to decline rapidly.

A dog’s stomach is pretty sensitive, so if you feed it lots of artificial flavorings and preservatives, then you can expect it to get poorly really quickly.

Can My Dog Die From Baked Beans?

Your dog can only really get sick from baked beans if you feed it that and really nothing else. If your dog has but one food, you can expect it to be extremely deficient in lots of food groups which are essential for its growth.

However, if your dog has just eaten a handful of beans off your plate by mistake, then you won’t have to rush it to the vets. The ingredients aren’t really toxic to your dog, especially after just one mouthful.

Our Final Say

It is safe to feed a dog baked beans, although we would certainly recommend against feeding this as a regular part of your dog’s diet as it contains lots and lots of sugars. Make sure that your dog gets plenty of chicken and lean proteins instead!