Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips?

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We all want the absolute best for our dogs, don’t we? Whether that’s indulging them with one too many harnesses, treating them to the finest artisan homemade biscuits, or providing them with luxurious bedding and cooling vests. 

But no matter what we offer our dogs, they always want what we are eating, don’t they? Whether it’s crisps, a stray chip, or even banana chips, our dogs want in on the action and aren’t afraid to beg for it!

It leaves us wondering, can my dog eat this? The last thing we want to do is accidentally poison our furry friends or give them anything that harms them. So we lay awake at night, thoughts running through our minds, wondering what we can feed our dogs. 

Well, wonder no more! Today, we are here with heaps of articles about what your dog can and can’t eat to help you prepare tasty treats for them! Be sure to check out other articles, but for now, let’s find out if dogs can eat banana chips. 

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Can dogs eat banana chips? 

Let’s get straight into it; yes, your dog can eat banana chips! A welcome relief for those tormented by puppy dog eyes every time they eat banana chips. 

Now, while dogs can enjoy banana chips, the next question is: should they? And there’s a bit of debate here! Some argue that banana chips provide a low-calorie snack for your dogs full of fiber and vitamins that will complement a healthy diet well. 

However, others argue that banana chips contain high sugar levels and should not be consumed as they run the risk of long-term health complications. The divide makes it difficult to know whether you should feed your dogs banana chips or not, and we think it’s a decision only you can make.

If your dog has a very healthy diet and regular exercise, then the odd banana chip probably isn’t going to hurt.

But feeding your dog lots of banana chips daily is going to lead to high levels of sugar that could impact your dog’s health. Instead, we recommend feeding them banana chips very sparingly as a treat and part of a healthy diet. 

Are banana chips good for dogs?

Puppy eat banana chips from a dog bowl

Whether banana chips are good for dogs or not depends on how the chips are made. Banana chips are usually dehydrated, baked, or deep-fried, and each option will have a different method to make them. 

Deep-fried banana chips are not good for your dog and, ideally, should be avoided. These chips are usually coated in honey or sugar before being deep-fried, meaning they will have lots of empty calories and high sugar content. Neither of which are good for your dogs! 

It’s usually recommended that you don’t feed your dog deep-fried foods, and you should add fried banana chips to that list! Instead, opt for dehydrated or baked options. They tend to have a lower sugar content and will be the slightly healthier option for your dog. 

Dehydrated or baked banana chips can be made at home or purchased from health food stores; they usually aren’t too expensive either. They have less sugar than fried banana chips and can be enjoyed by humans and dogs alike!

Banana chips, in general, have a higher sugar content than raw bananas, which puts some people off. But they also feature high fiber levels and vitamin D3, which can help keep your dog healthy and happy.

But remember, dogs don’t need as much fiber as us, so they should enjoy banana chips in small quantities! 

Are banana chips toxic to dogs?

None of the ingredients used to create banana chips are toxic for dogs, but you should proceed with caution. While they can be a tasty treat for your dogs to enjoy, they pose a health risk. 

The high levels of fiber in bananas and banana chips can distress your dog’s stomach and digestive system. They might suffer from indigestion, vomit, or be in pain. To avoid this, feed them banana chips sparingly. 

As we mentioned earlier, the high sugar content can also leave your dogs with long-term health complications, even diabetes!

Depending on the banana chip and how it’s cooked, there will be empty calories and a higher fat content than the raw fruit, both of which can impact your dog’s health. 

You might notice weight gain or bloating if your dog is fed too much sugar and should be avoided at all costs. As we said above, opt for baked or dehydrated banana chips over the deep-fried options; trust us, they are just as tasty! 

While they won’t be fatal, the health complications banana chips could cause mean that you need to take great care when feeding them to your dog. If you have any concerns, you should contact your vet immediately for help and guidance.

How many banana chips can my dog eat?

If you are going to feed your dog banana chips, you should only give them a small amount. No more than a small handful, or less if they are a smaller dog! They can be offered as a treat throughout the day or alongside their meal if you need to encourage them to eat. 

Only give them sparingly though, once or twice a week at most is unlikely to cause harm to your dogs. Remember to opt for baked or dehydrated banana chips, or feed them small amounts of raw banana instead if you wish. 

Final Word

And just like that, we have reached the end of our banana chip journey today! As you can see, banana chips can be fed to dogs providing you opt for healthier options and only give them as an occasional treat.

Check the sugar content on the label before purchasing to ensure that it isn’t too high and that your dog’s diet is healthy too. 

Remember to contact a vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s diet or feeding them anything. Often it’s best left to the professionals, especially when our dog’s health is on the line!