Can Dogs Eat Figs?

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Figs are a delicious tasty treat that allows you to get a sugar rush without eating any unhealthy sugary snacks. Your dog may be eyeing up your fruit while you’re snacking on figs. Which can of course raise the question, can dogs eat figs?

Is it safe to give this tasty fruit to your pooch?

The great news is that yes, figs are perfectly safe to give to your dog as an occasional treat. In fact, figs will be very beneficial for your dog. This is because they are naturally packed full of dietary fiber, which can help your dog’s digestive system.

This natural fiber will be great for helping to strengthen your dog’s colon if this has become weakened.

As we’ve already mentioned, figs are also a fantastic source of natural sugar. This can give your dog a natural energy boost without them having to suffer the sugar crash afterward.

Figs also contain a lot of potassium, which will be fantastic for keeping your dog’s blood pressure down.

Figs are a filling fruit that can also help your dog to feel fuller for longer. So if you’re concerned about your dog’s weight and want them to lose a few pounds, you can give them a few bits of fig. This should help to fill your dog up and stave off their hunger for longer.

These great benefits make figs an excellent choice for dogs who are at risk of diabetes.

The only thing you will need to bear in mind is that the fig tree is highly toxic for dogs. So while it’s okay to feed its fruit to your dog, you should bear in mind that the sap from the tree could cause your dog a bunch of health issues.

Figs can also cause allergies in dogs, so it will be important to only feed your pooch a little bit at a time and see how they react to this.

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Will dry figs hurt dogs?

It’s probably best to avoid feeding your dog dried figs. This is because dried figs have a much higher sugar content than normal figs, so this could cause your dog harm. If your dog isn’t allergic to figs, you should only feed them around 2 to 3 figs every week as a snack.

It will be crucial to only feed figs to your dog in moderation, as anything more than this could cause health issues.

In general, dried figs have a much higher sugar content, and also have three times as many calories as the normal variant. There’s a low water content in dried figs, too.

It’s best to keep your dried figs for yourself, and only feed your dog the fresh figs you get from the grocery store.

Are figs poisonous to dogs?

Dog licking its lips after eating a fig.

Figs themselves aren’t poisonous to dogs. When given to your dog in moderation, they should get lots of benefits from eating figs. It will be worth giving them a small bit at a time if you’ve never allowed your dog to eat figs before.

If your dog eats more figs than they should do in a short amount of time, this could cause diarrhea, vomiting, or an upset stomach.

Some dogs who are allergic to figs or can’t tolerate them as well may suffer from inflammation, rashes, or sores along their tongues or around their mouths. If you notice these side effects in your dog, you should stop feeding them figs.

It will also be worth watching your dog to ensure that these symptoms don’t get worse. If these do get worse, you will need to take your dog to see your vet immediately.

Are dried figs toxic to dogs?

Dried figs aren’t necessarily toxic to your dog, but they won’t do your dog any good. You may be thinking of feeding your dog figs because you’re worried about their weight. However, dried figs won’t be a great alternative to the fresh thing.

This is because they have a much higher sugar content and contain way more calories than a fig picked straight from a tree.

It will be best to just feed your dog a fresh fig if you want to give them this sweet treat.

Are fresh figs poisonous to dogs?

Fresh figs aren’t poisonous to dogs, no. It’s worth noting that some dogs are allergic to figs, so if this is the case with your pooch, you shouldn’t give them this fruit at all.

The only part of a fig that is poisonous to dogs is the tree that they grow on. The fig plant is toxic to dogs and could cause some very serious and potentially life threatening issues.

This is because the leaves on a fig tree contain a sap that dog’s bodies find highly irritating. This usually occurs if the sap is ingested or gets onto their skin.

If your dog eats any part of a fig plant that isn’t the fruit, they could suffer from fig poisoning. So if you have any fig plants in your home, we would recommend keeping your dog well away from them, or even removing the plant altogether.

If you suspect your dog has eaten part of the fig plant, you should take them to your vet straight away.

In summary

So there you have it! Dogs can indeed eat figs, however, you should only give them the fresh variety. You should never give your dog dried figs as these contain a lot more calories, have a higher sugar content, and have a lower water content.

Fresh figs, however, will be a great fit for your dog.

Your dog will be able to have a natural energy boost without the unpleasant sugar crash. This fruit also has a bunch of potassium, which will help to lower your dog’s blood pressure.

Figs are also great at keeping your dog fuller for longer, so they are a great choice for owners who are concerned about their dog’s weight. 

But perhaps most notably, figs are an excellent source of dietary fiber. This will help to strengthen your dog’s weakened colon, and be very beneficial to their digestive system.