7 Amazing Signs Your Dog Loves You

signs your dog loves you

Our dogs are our constant companion. We love them with all our hearts. But do you sometimes find yourself looking for signs your dog loves you too?

There are the obvious signs your dog loves you. Jumping up and down when you walk in the door. Running towards you when you are out for a walk. But as it turns out, there are more obvious signs of affection you can look out for too.

Signs your dog loves you: Wiggling their eyebrows

Researchers from Japan revealed that dogs lift and wiggle their left-hand brow when they first see someone they love.

The researchers observed that as a dog’s owner was brought into the room, the dogs brows moved up and down significantly. This same reaction did not occur when strangers entered the room.

The look of love

In general, staring directly into another’s eyes is viewed as a threat in the animal kingdom. However, a study published in the journal Science, found that some dogs exhibit staring behaviors with owners they feel a string attachment to.

Don’t feel bad if your dog doesn’t do this though, as generally speaking it isn’t a common behavior in the animal kingdom and there are lots of other things you can look for as signs your dog loves you. 

Mirrored yawning

Yawning can be contagious amongst people, and as it turns out, our pets also mimic this phenomenon. Researchers at the University of Tokyo found that dogs, like humans, yawn reactively. Dogs are most likely to do this with someone they feel a close emotional bond with.

Signs your dog loves you: Affection without food

Once your pooch has finished a meal have a look to see what they do next. Studies have shown that dogs that go straight to you after eating are displaying obvious signs your dog loves you. \

They aren’t motivated by food or treats and are simply showing affection because they enjoy being close to you.

Tail wagging

Dogs that wag their tails enthusiastically are exhibiting excitement. When a pup wags their tail around you, they are showing you that they are happy to be around you.

There are however, certain tail movements that can mean other things. If a dog pumps their tail more to the left, this can mean that they are feeling a little nervous.

But if a dog pumps their tail more to the right, that signifies that they are genuinely happy.

Playing with you

Playing is something that dogs will always do right through into adulthood. Dogs which suffer from age related health issues, such as arthritis and dementia, are the only exceptions.

If your dog wants to play with you, it’s one of the clear signs your dog loves you.

They follow you everywhere

Dogs don’t like being alone, but you should know that if your dog wants to follow you wherever you go, it isn’t always to avoid being alone.

They are pack animals and it’s natural for them to follow you about to make sure they don’t miss out on any treats of fun to be had!

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