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How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

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I own 2 dogs; Oreo, a pure breed Shih Tzu who has been with me for about a year now, and Brownie, a rescue Basenji who has only been with me for 2 months.

Now technically, I own them. I was the one who brought them into our house, paying for their vet and buying whatever they need.

However, both of my dogs are not as attached to me as they are to my cousin and my brother; and although I feel a little jealous about it, their behavior is linked to different factors on how they choose their favorite person.

They tend to choose the person they spend most of their time with

If you just got a puppy or a rescue dog to take care of and you want to win their heart, make sure to make the most of the lockdowns and quarantine that is currently happening to spend time with him or her.

Staying home and spending more time with your dog lets them familiarize themselves with you and make them feel more comfortable around your presence.

In fact, if you have just got a new dog, it is really advisable for you to stay home with them for at least two weeks, because this is the best moment for the two of you to bond through training exercises and hands-on effort in taking care of them.

The person who wins their heart is the one who gives the most treats

Dogs are generally food motivated. With this in mind, it will only make sense that your dog will choose you as their favorite person if you readily give them treats as positive reinforcement, or even just to see him happy.

Giving your dog treats will be interpreted as ‘this is the person where I can get food from’ by your dog, and since they do love food, they will definitely stick with you.

They get attached to the person who plays and cuddles with them

There is a huge difference between just spending time with them than actually interacting with your dog. You can both hang out on your sofa and do nothing, but that would not really create a strong bond between the two of you.

Therefore, aside from staying with them, you also have to be demonstrative with your love for your furry best friend.

Play with them with their favorite toys, give them belly rubs and cuddle with them when they want to and you will see that your dog has already anointed you with the ‘My Most Favorite Person’ title.

They choose their favorite person based on their personality

Some dogs love to cuddle and be demonstrative, but some timid dog breeds like the Mastiff, Great Dane, and a Yorkshire Terrier have a different method of showing attention compared to other dogs.

They are more independent, and they don’t really socialize with people. The thing about this is that dogs tend to bond with a person who behaves just like them.

An energetic dog tends to be attracted to high-energy, active owners while timid dogs tend to gravitate towards more soft-spoken people. Pretty much the same as how you choose your best friend.

So if you are not your dog’s most favorite person yet but you intend to, make sure to review this article out to see how you could be the best pal for your furry pet.