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8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

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Dogs are like humans in that they get bored quickly if there is nothing to do. They like to have their mind stimulated – and if you choose the ways they stay busy with safe toys and treats – you save them learning their own tricks – like eating sofas and howling!

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How To Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors Whether You Are There Or Not:

There are a whole host of ways to keep your pooch busy while you are working from home – trying to watch a movie – or are out all day.

They all revolve around making your dog think about something else – and that something needs to keep them intrigued for as long as possible during the time you aren’t with them.

Fill Up The Trusty Kong:

You can’t really go wrong with a toy stuffed full of sticky food. Give it to your dog as you are leaving the house and they will spend a long time trying to eat all the innards (and usually fall asleep afterward).

It can be a slobbery job though – so stick to rooms with wipe-clean floors!

Try A Lick Mat Instead:

Just like a Kong – a lick mat will pass the time for a short while – especially if you didn’t give it to them but they can smell it someplace.

Not only will they take time trying to locate the lick mat in the first place, but licking that food off it one lap at a time will keep them occupied.

How About A Cardboard Box?

If your dog isn’t too into food and prefers noises and chew toys – then fill a sturdy cardboard box with all sorts of things (as well as at least one or two favorites).

Part seal the top and touch up the corners with a bit of liver paste or peanut butter – and this could take them ages to break into and sort through.

Tennis Ball Teasing:

Balls have a life of their own if you have a large smooth floor space (with no vases).

Have a 12 pack of balls with a little bit of paste on them all – and maybe one or two with a split filled with some odorous food.

Have them so they can all roll around freely and your dog will spend hours hunting each ball down; checking them over and over for more morsels.

Folds and Creases:

Buy or make yourself a sturdy blanket with pockets and compartments in it that can part-conceal tidbits and toys.

Your dog will just love passing the time investigating all the nooks and crannies and throwing the blanket around trying to locate the hidden goodies.

Sounds and Secrets:

Have some automated noises or sounds going off in different rooms throughout the day.

Giving them something else to think about is always a time-waster and keeps them on their toes.

One Smart Cookie:

There are also intelligence games you could buy so when they find the contraptions (which you can hide in different places every day) they can press buttons or pull levers to open trapdoors concealing hidden treats or toys.

Lots of Cookies:

Bake your own tray of teeny cookies for your dog and have them dotted all over the house.

If their scent isn’t too strong and they stay dry – they can be popped anywhere for hiding and seek but won’t cause a problem if they aren’t found the first day. What a lovely surprise for later!