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How To Stop A Dog From Jumping Up

How To Stop A Dog From Jumping Up

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It can be cute to start with when they are a puppy – makes you think your dog loves you and is happy.

But it can get a bit too much as they grow up and haven’t stopped. It can also be really bad for their joints in larger dogs – and create attachment issues in smaller dogs.

Best to train this out of them as soon as possible for everyone’s sake.

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How To Stop A Dog From Jumping Up Is Easy:

Once you have decided that enough is enough – the steps are all quite easy.

Basically, you are looking to anticipate your dog’s behavior and have a plan in place for each scenario – often planning way ahead, it all depends on when they jump and which behaviors you are trying to prevent.

Dogs That Jump Up When You Mention ‘Walkies’

You need to train yourself to use the lead around the house for other things, so your dog doesn’t see the lead moving as a sign of sheer excitement.

After your walks, have the lead left in different places, so you moving it around becomes ‘the norm’ – not the start of a walk.

Dogs That Jump Up Out On A Walk

If your dog jumps up at everyone out on walkies – you need to make yourself more interesting. Teach your dog that a certain noise means you have a treat.

Training them (in advance) to respond to this noise means that when you see a person (and make the noise) your dog should look at you (and the treat) – not them.

Dogs That Jump Up At Visitors

Train your dog to respond in a different way to the bell. Have them learn (with a doorbell app or friend) that this noise means they get a treat sitting down in the back room.

That way instead of being ‘rewarded’ by people at the door, the sound tells them there is a treat waiting in the back room – they just have to go there to get it.

Dogs That Jump Up While You Are Eating

Dogs and food are a tight pair, and you need to split that association. Buy your dog a slow feeder or training toy so they can be distracted by that the whole time while you are eating.

You need to make something more fun than what they are already getting from stealing your food. Make your table boring – and something else way more fun.

Dogs Who Jump Up On The Furniture

If you don’t want dogs on the couch or bed – you have to have the whole family on your side.

Making places on the floor more fun is the only way – so invest in a comfy bed for them in each room they follow you into – to make them easy for your dog to use.

Reward them randomly when they are naturally off the couch – not while you are removing them from the couch…

Train Your Dog To Do Something Else

Using positive association training (real easy to learn) – and you could have your dog trained to never jump up again. With a simple command – jumping is a thing of the past.