5 Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

5 Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

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Healthy adult dogs sleep for about 12 to 14 hours per day. If you are a dog mom or dad and let your dog sleep with you in your bed at night, you will surely notice all kinds of dog sleeping positions.

So if you wonder what these dog sleeping positions mean, we have listed 5 common dog sleeping positions and what they mean.

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Curled Up

5 Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

What it looks like: Your dog is in a donut position, his paws are tucked in, and the tail rests near his head.

What it means: This pose is also known as “fetal position”. It allows dogs to conserve as much body heat as possible while giving them a sense of security as well.

If you notice this dog sleeping position, your dog might be feeling a little bit shy. Try showering him with more love and affection.

Side Sleeper

What it looks like: Your dog sleeps on his side with his legs all outstretched that it looks like he is flying. 

What it means: Only confident and relaxed dogs do this sleeping position.

It means that your dog has a strong bond with you, so strong that they expose their vulnerable side to you – their stomach.

Belly Up

Dog Sleeping Positions - Belly Up

What it looks like: Your dog sleeps with an exposed belly, his arms and legs are all up in the air.

What it means: A higher level than the side sleeper position. A pooch doing this position doesn’t care about the world.

He feels 100% secured with you and knows he can put his guard down.

This pose is also more common during summer months because it allows them to cool off by exposing their paws up in the air.

Belly Down

Dog Sleeping Positions - Belly Down
Dog Sleeping Positions

What it looks like: Your dog sleeps on his belly. Arms and legs are tensed, ears are slightly erect and alert.

What it means: Dogs who taking naps are usually in this position.

Your dog doesn’t want to enter the deepest part of sleep – REM stage and want to be present in case there’s an action.

Unfortunately, this dog sleeping position might also be an indication of distress. 


Dog Sleeping Positions - Back-to-back

What it looks like: Your dog’s back presses against you or with other pets

What it means: A dog that sleeps this way is very affectionate and sweet towards you or their furry siblings.

If you see your pooch doing the same, show some extra love, and do not hesitate to return the cuddles.

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