7 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

7 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

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Priceless is the feeling of going home to someone who is so delighted to see you after a long day.

Not all of us have that, but I can assure you that dog owners do. But you might ask, how can I reciprocate the happiness that my dog gives me?

Worry no more because here are 7 ways to make your dog happy!

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Take him to a trusted veterinarian

Now, most websites will first suggest spending time with your dog, make time for play, train or give him what they need.

But, as a dog owner myself, the first thing that I will tell you to do to make your dog happy is to bring it to the vet.

Making sure that your dog’s health is in tip-top condition and that he or she has a microchip so you can locate them when they accidentally get lost.

You can also have your pet’s vaccines updated and ask the doctor about the best diet that you can give to your dog.

Exercise with your dog regularly

Canine obesity and a string of bone and joint disorders come with the neglect of daily exercise for dogs.

Dogs are naturally active animals, so that is how they are supposed to live.

The lack or absence of exercise could not only be detrimental to their health but also could lead to problems with their behavior, since dogs tend to be more destructive when they are bored.

Train their mind

Dogs are highly intelligent mammals, and they can learn a lot of tricks and commands when properly trained.

If you have an option, you should pick toys that stimulate the use of their brain.

You can easily purchase mentally stimulating and interactive dog toys from Amazon, but you can also create your own dog toys such as sniff rags to entertain your dog.

Train your dog’s behavior

Not all dogs are born with proper behavior; in fact, all of them started with nothing when it comes to potty training, following commands, and even just eating at the right time.

Now a part of making your dog happy is to make sure that they are properly trained.

Some researchers state that the best time to commence formal dog training is at least 2 months, but I say dog training should start the moment you get a hold of your dog.

Putting an expiration stamp on dog training is one of the reasons why a lot of people do not prefer adopting dogs from a shelter, but dogs’ brains, much like ours are very flexible.

If you have a senior dog with you, teaching him new tricks and commands might take some time, but trust the process because they will get a hold of it.

Let your dog destroy his or her toy

Punishing a dog for being a dog is pointless. If ever you have a potential Tazmanian Devil in your hands, you should do a lot of precautionary measures such as training, socializing, and teaching them proper behavior.

But also, if your dog gets all riled up with his or her favorite squeaky toy and ended up ruining it, just buy him a sturdier and non-choking hazard toy.

Make your dog laugh

Psychology Today has recommended steps on how to make your dog laugh which you could check using this link, however, I have noticed that my dogs’ source of laughter is different (what I personally do is I sneeze while we play, and that instantly makes them laugh).

So, I suggest that you discover how you can make your own dog laugh.

Treat your dogs like family

We treasure our family, and what you do when you treasure a person is that you give them material things, time, and affection.

Your dog can have all the food and toys he or she may need, your dog might have a steel shelter that protects them from rain or sun, and your dog might have you as his or her owner, but nothing beats a loving home to any of those things.

Dogs are not hard to please; you can make them happy with the smallest effort that you can give.

A simple pat on the head and a positive affirmation on how great they are can go a long way. So, don’t make a big fuss over how to make sure that you have a happy dog.

The fact that you are worried about how to make your dog happy guarantees that your dog is already happy with you.

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