Why Does Your Dog Follow You Around?

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I have been recently hooked with the #PetTiktok craze called ‘Show People That Your Dog is Clingy, Without Actually Telling People That They Are Clingy’.

If you come across this, you will stumble upon hundreds of videos of pets getting all cuddly and hugging their owners, but perhaps thousands of it shows dogs that just refuse to leave their owners alone.

May it be on their bed, their garden, their porch, or even in their bathroom, you can always spot a wet nose sticking out, trying to look for their owners and be with them.

Now, everyone will agree that this is the most adorable part of owning a pet.

However, what is the reason why your dog follows you around?

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Reminder: Hungry Dog

A clingy dog, especially the one who follows you around when you are rummaging through kitchen cupboards or cooking something up at the countertop, might mean that they are starving, and they would love to have some of what you are making.

This is especially true if your dog is not really that clingy with you, and if you often feed them on time but unintentionally forgot about refilling their food bowl.

Nonetheless, if your dog does this, remember to feed them nutritious food and avoid feeding them table scraps to make sure that you don’t mess their diet up.

Boredom Alert

If your dog has spent their entire day indoors and started to follow you around, it is possible that they are bored and that they want to play or go for a walk with you.

If this is the case, make sure to entertain them with some playtime using their favorite toys, enjoy some backyard activities like play fetch and tug-of-war and squeeze in some exercise in your daily schedule.

This will help you from turning them into Velcro dogs and this will also help them to strengthen their joints and muscles.

They Want Your Attention

Unlike the infamous Bunny, the Talking Dog, and other dogs who have been trained to use their FluentPet, a group of buttons for them to push to communicate, most of our dogs are still unable to let us know what they need or how they feel.

To compensate for this, dogs tend to follow their owners around and try to communicate with them through barking or body language.

During this time, it is important that you know your dog well to process what they are trying to say because as an owner, you should be your dog’s number one advocate.

Separation Anxiety

Of all the possible reasons why your dog follows you around, this is probably the one which could give you the worst headache.

Your dog following you around would be the easiest thing to solve, but the other signs that come along with this issue like destructive behavior, digging, and excessive barking would be difficult to solve.

The solution to this is to crate train your dog as early as possible to let them know that they are safe even when they are home alone.

Dogs are pack animals, so it is not surprising for them to stay by your side at all times.

But more than that, them following you around would mean that they feel safer and heard when they are close to you.

After all, dogs stay close to the leader of the pack, and that is the role that we play in their lives.