The Right Way to Bond with Your Dog

how to bond with a dog

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It’s essential when bringing a dog into your family to know how to create a trusted and lasting bond.

Many people misunderstand what this means and end up dissatisfied with their pet or even get rid of them altogether.

By understanding your dog’s nature and learning how to cultivate those instincts into positive behavior, you can build a deep, trusting relationship with your pet.

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Understanding the Pack Mentality

Understanding the Pack Mentality

Dogs are pack animals. When born, their siblings and the adult dogs around them form their pack along with the humans they live with.

When the puppies leave this environment they form their pack with the members of their new home.

It’s important when bringing your dog home to set limits immediately.

By establishing the pack hierarchy right away, dogs can integrate more easily, creating a cohesive environment for dogs and humans.



When your dog is given clear boundaries, they will feel more at ease and confident in your expectations, which will create a sense of security for your animal.

Setting limits early and sticking to them helps build trust that is hard to achieve otherwise.

Dogs need boundaries. There can’t be any confusion as to what your expectations are when it comes to those boundaries.

When exceptions are made, it creates confusion that could lead to problems in the future.


dog training

Training is important for both owner and dog. Not only for safety but also peace of mind.

When a dog is properly trained, they provide the companionship human needs without worrying about the unknown.

Being pack animals, dogs look to their humans for direction in new or scary situations.

When a solid training bond has been established and clear who is in charge, both dog and human can be more at ease.


dog exercise

Different breeds of dogs need varying amounts of exercise, but all dogs need at least a little.

It’s important to know what kind of physical needs your dog has.

Many people mistakenly pick a breed based on their own ideal energy level without considering that they will need to fulfill those expectations with their pets.

By picking a breed with the same or a lower level of energy, you ensure you’ll be able to fulfill your pet’s physical needs regularly.

Time Spent

spend time with your dog

Your dog wants nothing more than to please you. As with so many other things in life, time spent with your pup will be the best investment you can make.

Being pack animals, dogs aren’t meant to spend long hours alone.

A dog wants to be your companion and your best friend.

Appropriately interpreting their behavior and properly responding are some of the best gifts you can give your dog.

When building a relationship with your pet, it’s important to know what your barriers might be.

You can create a much deeper connection when you cultivate an environment that keeps the animal’s instincts in mind.

A relationship built on trust, understanding, and respect will create an enduring bond for dogs and humans.

In this video, you will learn the top 10 tips on how to bond with your new dog.

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