How To Get Rid of Dog Smell in The House

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Dogs are undeniably adorable and having them adds up to the joy of going home.

However, it is also undeniable that dog smell accompanies having them around.

While it can be a burden to some, a few simple techniques may help reduce if not completely eliminate the stinky part of owning a dog.

In eradicating the stinky smell, dog owners need to focus on two things; the possible source which is the dog and the affected area, the house.

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Making Sure The House Is Clean


Having a pet living inside the house means an additional producer of carbon dioxide.

The proper ventilation may need more attention at this time as this does not only assures an ample amount of oxygen but proper elimination of waste gasses including the stinky smell as well.

If possible, turning the air conditioning unit once in a while to let the fresh air come in could be a big help.

Increased Frequency in Cleaning the House

Prevention is always better than cure. Even without the presence of a stinky smell, it helps to have the house cleaned regularly with an extra dose of strength on cleaning materials.

Baking Soda

Sprinkling a liberal amount of baking soda on the carpet overnight is effective in removing or preventing odors on the places where the dog stayed.

However, make sure to vacuum all of the sprinkled baking soda the following day to prevent the dog from sniffing them in.


Another effective way of removing the stinky smell is to add one tablespoon of vinegar for every three tablespoons of water to the mop-solution used for floors.

The vinegar will help prevent the spread of bacteria causing odors.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Beddings and couch cover that the dog stays at should be washed more often than usual.

Mixing ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar to the usual powder detergent assures that no traces of dog smell stays on the fabric after laundry.

Assuring The Cleanliness of Your Dog as the Source of Bad Smell

The most important part of combating the stinky smell is to make sure that the possible source of the foul odor is clean.

Bathe Regularly and Properly

As they tend to lick their bodies more often than we humans comb our hair, dogs leave the scent of their saliva on their bodies which sometimes produces a stinky smell.

They are also not mindful of the smell of their pee and poop sticking on their bodies that give a stronger impact.

Regular bathing is not enough but dog owners need to make sure that it is done properly.

Proper bathing means giving more attention to areas where dirt lodging could take place.

Ears, areas between paw pads, toes, and tails are areas that need additional attention in bathing a dog.

Thorough rinsing is another important step that should not be compromised.

Leftover shampoos may also produce unwanted smells to their bodies. Towel dry alone is sometimes not enough. Blow drying oftentimes completes the job.


Dog ears tend to produce more earwax than human ears. It is important to always monitor their ears for excessive wax production as this can also be a source of the stinky smell.

Preventing and eliminating the unwanted smell caused by having dogs in the house can be very easy. All it takes is a step of responsibility and an act of consistency from the dog owner.