7 Ways to Tire Out Your Dog

7 Ways to Tire Out Your Dog

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Our dogs need a large dose of daily exercise. They must burn all that energy they accumulate, and on many occasions, it is difficult for them to release or drain it in a city house, very different from those dogs that live in fields or large spaces and can run more freely.

It is recommended to give both physical and mental stimuli to our dogs to maintain a good quality of life.

These demands such as exercise will depend on the breed and age of the pet. Not all of them will need the same level of activity, either because of their age or size if it is a small or large breed (which needs more exercise).

What is clear is that they all need to move. Otherwise, they will look for ways to drain that energy with your things, releasing tension and anxiety by destroying your shoes, carpets, among many other things. So, here are 7 ways to learn how to tire out your dog.

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Take longer walks

When you live in a city, this is the easiest solution. Take him for a walk every day. This will serve him as exercise, and above all to burn off that accumulated tension.

Generally, they will mark territory in every corner, wall, and tree, also make other canine friends.

In fact, some people are dedicated to this job, professional dog walkers, who can carry out this task if your time is limited, or if you have a physical impediment, and you cannot walk your pet.

Climbing stairs

If you can’t make your walk longer, either because of time, safety, or bad weather, it is a good option to go back home and walk up and down the stairs of the place where you live.

If possible, do this at a time when there is not much movement on the stairs, so your pet can go loose. They will certainly go up and down many more times than you because we are slower than they are.

Otherwise, you must go faster to go at their pace, and this exercise will work.

Running with your dog

You can run with your dog, or also go cycling or rollerblading. These are activities that you can perfectly share with your pet thanks to the existence of special devices that make it easier for you to take your dog on any means of transportation, without causing any damage and have fun and exercise in the best way.

In pet stores, you can get this type of device. Make sure that they do not cause any damage to your dog and that they are comfortable.

Whether on skates or bicycles, they will enjoy it a lot because, as we said before, they are faster than us, and they will surely release all the energy they carry with them.

Playing with balls

This is a very nice game for your pet and especially to do it in a park. Your dog can play alone with the ball, but throwing the ball for him to pick it up and bring it back many times is ideal. If this game is done with more people, there will be more physical intensity applied to the dog.

Two people can play with the dog, and he can go after the one who has the ball, and every time it is thrown, he runs away, or throw it and try to catch it in the air, he will surely get tired.


This exercise will not only be physical but also mental, perfect for your dog. He must learn not to wait for the frisbee to fall to the ground to catch it, as it usually happens with the ball, but he must try to catch it in the air, where he has to jump again and again to get it.

Once your dog learns, he will also develop his patience waiting for you to move and throw the frisbee without him moving.


Another ideal exercise for your pet is jumping over different objects, benches, hedges, among others.

Depending on the size and agility of your pet, you can use the usual obstacles that you get in the city as obstacles or, depending on its size, look for objects that can be used for jumping.

It is a good exercise thanks to the fact that when jumping, your dog will exercise all the muscles and will keep the joints in shape, besides demanding a great physical effort.

You must be careful because if they discover that they can avoid the obstacle to save energy they will do it, so we recommend you have a toy, stuffed animal, or ball to use as a lure, so they will always jump.

Swimming with your dog

Swimming is another exceptional exercise for your dogs to use up their energy. But it depends on the breeds since there are breeds such as Golden and Labradors that love swimming and are very good at it.

You have to be very careful if you own a small breed dog because she will get tired much faster, and she will need less space to drain her anxiety and tension.

Once in the water, they will be able to learn to catch some toys that may float or just be with us while we swim. Remember to bring a good towel to dry him very well when you get out.