How to Stop A Dog From Shedding?

how to stop a dog from shedding

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All dogs shed hair. There is no such thing as a non-shedding dog.

Although there are some dogs that shed more hair than others, how to stop a dog from shedding depends on the type of breed and fur your dog has.

While it’s not possible to completely stop a dog from shedding, there are ways to manage molting in dogs.

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Regular grooming

Grooming your pooch does help reduce shedding. All dogs need a regular grooming routine.

This will help keep their coat and their skin in great condition.

Regular brushing will help minimize the amount of hair your dog leaves around the house.

You should also incorporate frequent trips to a professional groomer, to give your dog a deep and thorough clean.

Regular grooming is really important and not just to manage shedding.

Without regular brushing sessions and trips to the groomers, your pet’s coat may become tangled and matted.

This can be a particular problem for longer haired and double-coated breeds.

Matting and tangling can be very uncomfortable for your dog. It can cause problems with movement, circulation, and even provoke skin conditions.

Regular grooming helps keep your dog happy and healthy!

Get a shedding tool

Different breeds and coats require specific brushes so make sure you research the correct tools for your breed.

For dogs that shed quite a lot, there are a range of different deshedding tools and brushes available on the market.

These tools can actually reduce the amount of hair a dog sheds. Deshedding tools work by gently removing the loose hair from a dog’s undercoat. 

Know your pups shedding cycle

Dogs go through molting periods. How to stop a dog from shedding depends on when they are likely to lose more hair.

Dogs tend to shed the most during spring and fall. So take your dog to the groomers around this time.

Doggy diets

Before you ask yourself how to stop a dog from shedding, think about what kinds of food your pet is eating.

What your dog eats at mealtimes can directly affect the quality of their coat.

Make sure they are getting a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Consider giving them a supplement if they are low on any vital nutrients.

Stress levels in dogs influences shedding

If your dog has been through any sort of stress, they may start to excessively shed their hair.

Avoid stressing out your dog. If they don’t get on with a local pooch, take them for a walk in a different area so they won’t bump into each other.

If you are going through unavoidable stress, like a house move, then give your pup lots of extra love and attention so they feel supported.

It’s a good idea to take your pet to the vet around times of upheaval. This can help ensure you are doing all you can for your pet.

Overall health

Finally, it’s a good idea to rule out any other health reasons when figuring out how to stop a dog from shedding excessively.

If your dog is shedding in just certain areas of their coat, this could indicate an allergy or a skin condition. It could also be something else more serious.

A trip to the vet for a health check can be beneficial. A vet will make sure there are no underlying health conditions that could be causing your dogs hair loss.