Why Does My Dog Stare at Me?

why does my dog stare at me

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Ever been cooking dinner only to look down at your beloved pooch and see them looking at you as if you’re the only thing in the room? It makes you wonder why does my dog stare at me, right?

You may think it’s just because they want a little snack, but sometimes the answer to why does my dog stare at me can be something other than the usual suspects.

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Your dog wants attention

Dogs often stare at the owners because they simply want you to notice them.

The next time you see your dog giving you those cute, big eyes; give their belly a rub or pick up their favorite toy and play with them.

Why does my dog stare at me: They are confused about something

Next time you find yourself thinking ‘why does my dog stare at me?’, have a little look at what you’re doing at that exact moment. Dogs stare when they are trying to figure something out.

If they see you doing something out of the ordinary, they will watch you closely to see if you are giving them cues or need them in any way.

If you see your dog observing you out of curiosity; then try to involve an engage them in what you’re doing.

They have a burning desire

Dogs desire attention, but they also have a variety of other ‘wants’. Dogs are very clever animals.

Dogs will engage in certain actions to let you know what they want.

If your dog stares at you whilst holding their leash in their mouth, it’s likely that they want to go for a walk.

They may come to you with a toy when they want to play. They may rub against you when they want to be stroked and tickled.

If their actions don’t work they often resort to just staring at you.

This is to make it clearer that they really, really want you to take notice of what they are trying to tell you.

Your dog needs direction

Dogs are pack animals. They take direction from their pack leader.

An important answer to why does my dog stare at me is because they need you to tell them what they should do.

If your dog stops and stares at you when you are in the middle of training or some other activity; it’s likely they are waiting for you to direct them as to what to do next.

Your dog is in fight mode

Occasionally, your dog may need to pull out an aggressive style stare.

They will only do this when they feel threatened or frightened. Pay attention to the rest of your dog’s body if you suspect they are staring aggressively.

If they are standing on all four legs and the rest of their body is tense; it’s likely they are displaying an aggressive stance.

The next time you find yourself thinking why does my dog stare at me, don’t just assume it’s because they are desperately in love with you.

Although it’s likely that they are displaying devotion, reflect on the rest of the things going on around you both before concluding what to do about it.