This Beautiful Dog Was Desperately Trying to Tell Its New Owner How it Was Suffering

dog from animal shelter

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The new owners of this gorgeous pooch were horrified when they learnt just how much their dear doggy had suffered in his previous home.

This amazing dog found a way to tell his new family just how much he had been through.

Details about the lives pets led in their previous homes, or the conditions in which they were kept, is often missing for animals that are bought from strangers or adopted from shelters.

This added dimension of mystery can make the whole experience of settling in even harder for the animal as well as their new family.

Even the most caring pet owners that aren’t fully aware of any trauma their sweet creature may have suffered through before coming to them, can find it difficult to help their new pet settle in.

This can make the road to recovery even longer and mean it’s more difficult for pets to move past previous pain.

The family in this story was just devastated when they investigated and eventually found out what happened to their gorgeous pooch before he came to live with them, but once they knew; everything about his strange behavior made sense.

The family’s delightful dog was adopted from a local animal shelter.

At first, he seemed just fine. He ate well and responded with eager happiness to the affection his new family showered on him. Everything seemed to be going so well…until it came to bedtime.

Every night, when the family crawled into bed, the dog refused to go to sleep.

Instead, he would sit next to the adult’s bed, just staring at them for hours.

The couple would end up lying awake for hours with the dog staring intensely at them.

They tried taking him for extra long walks to tire him out, and even went to the lengths of changing his brand of pet food, but nothing seemed to work.

Each and every night he would stare at them until they fell asleep, only seeming to catch a few hours himself once everyone else was down for the night.

Eventually, they decided to take their beloved new pet to visit the vet.

Thankfully, the vet advised that their pooch was in perfect health, but that they should go the shelter immediately to see if they could find out any details about the life history of the dog.

The family went straight to the shelter to talk to them. What they discovered broke their hearts!

When the previous owner of the animal decided they no longer wanted him anymore, they waited for the dog to fall asleep, and that is when they heavily sedated him and dumped him at the animal shelter.

When the poor pooch woke up, he was terrified to find himself in an unknown lonely place, with his owner nowhere to be found. He didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Ever since then, the dog became so frightened to fall asleep before his new family, that he forced himself to stay awake until they slept, just to be sure the same thing wouldn’t happen to him again.

His new family were moved to tears by the heartbreak he had been through, and from that moment on they made sure to move his doggy bed into their bedroom; right next to their bed, so that their wonderful pet would always feel safe and secure at bed time.

After a short while, their sweet and lovable pet had no problems falling asleep surrounded by the love and security of his new family.

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